5 common causes of window failure

Windows and doors are an important structural part of the home; they enhance the home’s overall appearance. The doors provide security and means of entry and exit from the house. The windows also serve as a means through which ventilation is maintained in the home. Without a properly installed and well-functioning window or door, the security of the house and its occupant are at risk, and the house is also left exposed to weather elements like rain and snow. If you observe that there are problems with your window, here are some of the likely causes.

·  Wear and Tear

Generally, most residential windows and window materials usually come with a warranty of about fifteen to twenty years. In between the expected lifespan, you may also have to repair your window due to damages. The climate of your geographical location also plays a significant role in how long your window will last. All of this put together can result in wear and tear of the window, resulting in malfunction.

· Weather Conditions

If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions like hailstorms, high winds, etc., your windows are more likely to get damaged. High winds can cause debris or stones to hit your window and damage the window frames or the glass. Heavy rain can also cause moisture buildup around the window, and this can cause the window frames to rot.

·  Accidents

Accidents are usually unavoidable with windows and doors because when they occur, they are usually unexpected. It could be the kids playing baseball in the backyard or the little kid running around the house throwing things around. If your window is durable, the impact of these accidents may be minimized, although they may still result in window failure.

·  Installation Problems

It is essential always to consult windows and doors experts before you have them installed in your home. It is better to spend the right amount to get the job done correctly than to pay less for a poorly done job. If your window system is failing, it may be a result of poor installation.

·  Lack of Maintenance

After installing windows and doors, one of the ways to keep them in the proper condition is through timely and constant maintenance. If your windows are not properly maintained, you are likely to run into problems from time to time. It would be best if you cleaned your windows at least twice a week and also inspect them for damages or leaks.

Windows are essential, and that is why when they fail or break down numerous times, you are left with no choice but to repair them. To avoid the extra expenses on repairing your window, ensure you hire experts for installation, inspect the window at all times, and always keep it in good condition through maintenance.

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