Adding Value To Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

Placing your home on the market can be a daunting experience, especially with pricing fluctuating so quickly. Such changes in taste and trends can soon mean that investments and renovations are rendered ineffective, yielding little return, which can make many developers cautious to change a property too drastically.

However, by keeping attuned with design and property trends, it is possible to add value to your home. Not only that, but it can be done affordably too, with early adopters able to get ahead of market preferences and add simple, cost-effective assets and designs to their properties to see an immediate return on investment.

Hot Water Tap

 As homes become both more conscientious toward their energy consumption and the presence of gadgets, discretion is on the rise. This is why many plugs are now being concealed beneath countertops in pop-up sockets. By the same token, hot water taps are replacing kettles, reducing the amount of countertop space needed to brew tea and coffee, while also making hot water instantaneously available.

External Lighting 

The concept of exterior lighting might seem solely practical. However, considered and stylish external lighting can entirely change the atmosphere of a garden space, as well as the aesthetics of a property. Not only do external lighting designs add an element of security and scrub appeal but they can also encourage greater use of an outdoor space and, with gardens becoming more important to buyers, this is an assured benefit.

Log Cabin

The market has recently begun scrutinising how gardens are valued. Previously, it was neat gardens, those with trimmed lawns and regimented flowerbeds, that garnered the most appeal. However, following a number of recent societal shifts and property trends, it is practical utilisation that is taking the spotlight. This means, alongside vegetable patches, beehives, and compost systems, log cabins are becoming more popular, giving residents a space to make their own, whether as a dining room or a private office.

Solar Panels

 As energy costs continue to rise and sustainability remains on the mind of many residents, alternative heating systems and more efficient power suppliers are becoming sought after. While solar panels might seem like an expensive investment, they are drastically dropping in price becoming more affordable and effective. Plus, with the value they add to a home (and its EPC rating), a solar panel is an assured return on investment.


Wood Over Carpet 

Carpet is being left behind as the majority of property buyers want hardwood and tiled floors. It seems that, while carpets remain appealing to a small number of buyers, the upkeep required to stop them from quickly deteriorating or becoming tarnished is far too much, especially when hardwood floors are generally more aesthetically pleasing. Just be sure to put in underfloor heating where necessary!

Modular Spaces 

With a rising need to work from home, residents are needing spaces that can adapt to various tasks. As such, modular design and furniture are becoming increasingly more important, with room designs that can offer multiple uses being valued by modern homeowners.

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