Car Odor Removal

Almost everyone has issues with unpleasant car odors at one time or another. Perhaps a widow was left open, and rain got into the car? Or maybe something was spilled and odors set into upholstery or carpeting? Whatever the cause, a solution can help remove a car odor bomb and return the vehicle to normal without having to endure lingering, embarrassing odors. These solutions are designed to provide helpful information that can save time and money when stubborn odors are present.

Steam Cleaning

Many people don’t realize that steam cleaning the interior of a vehicle is a great way to eliminate old and developing odors. Over time, dirt and debris can cause smells to develop inside of the car. This odor will continue to become worse, and vacuuming alone won’t solve the problem. People who notice an issue should either use a home carpet cleaner with an attachment or go to a professional car detailing service to get the car steam cleaned. It will make a huge difference and rejuvenate the look of the materials inside of the vehicle. This measure is especially beneficial for ridding the car of a foul car odor resulting from feces, urine, vomit, or pet odors.

Spot Cleaning

To get rid of tough or especially foul smells in a vehicle, you may need a car odor bomb to eradicate tough odors in particular spots. For example, if there is a spill from milk, food, leaking seafood, forgotten groceries in the trunk, or even feces, certain products are available online and from retail outlets that are safe and easy to use. Be sure to check out the ingredients before purchasing to ensure your safety and the passengers or pets riding in the vehicle. Another solution is an odor neutralizer that sprays directly onto the surface and works to kill the source.

Don’t forget to clean the area with a mild soap or detergent and a damp cloth before treating it with other products. The goal is to remove any residue and loosen any remaining liquids or pieces of the odor’s source. Don’t scrub too hard, but rather wipe the area gently to avoid grinding it into the surface, making it harder to remove or hinder the spot treatment from being as effective. Let the area dry thoroughly first before taking additional steps. Usually, this is accomplished by leaving the doors open on a clear, sunny day.

When tough odors are a problem or seem impossible to get rid of with air fresheners and regular vacuuming, please consider trying these options and see how effective they can be on various odor sources creating unpleasant conditions for you and your guests.

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