Cleaning Tips for Marble, Granite, and More

In modern houses, marbles are a common site used for furniture. Getting a marble countertop, floor, and even wall is not cheap. These investments need proper care and maintenance. Marbles are made from natural stone and are pretty sensitive to stains if not cleaned properly. These are some marble cleaning tips that you can use.

Prevention is your best option

Cleaning and scraping your marble surface can be a lot of work. Stains and scratches are the most common problem. But you can prevent these problems with these tips.

  • Use coasters and mats: For tables and countertops, use coasters and placemat to avoid stains from cups and glasses. Stains usually come from glasses or cups that we drink in. The marble floor is also prone to scratches from our shoes and furniture. Using mats and rugs can prevent these scratches. Soft indoor slippers can also help to avoid scratches on your marble floor.
  • Avoid sharp and heavy objects on the marble surface: Some homeowners use marble as a piece on their fireplace. Avoid putting heavy objects on top of it to avoid scratches whenever you need to move that item.

Clean stains immediately

If you can’t avoid stains or spills, clean them immediately so they will not stay. Some stains are easy to clean, and some are stubborn, like Wine and curry.

These are a few tips for cleaning stains.

Use proper tools

You can’t avoid dirt on your marble floor. Stains are also common in your marble countertops and coffee tables. Cleaning it with harsh cleaners can clean the dirt easily but will damage your marble. To avoid scratches, using a microfiber cloth is your best option. You can use it for your daily cleaning and for regular stains that are not hard to remove.

For your Marble floor, regular sweeping can make it clean. Flared broom are great options for daily sweeps. Invest also in dry mops for your floor to avoid scratches while cleaning it. Avoid using vacuums for your marble floor. If you need to use a vacuum, set it for a hard floor to avoid damaging your marble.

Warm water and dish soap

Warm water and mild dish soap are your most straightforward option to clean your marble surface. You can use this on your daily cleaning or even on days where you need to do deep cleaning. It will do the job, but you can also use a unique cleaning mixture.

Marble Cleaning Mixture

For stubborn stains and dirt, you can make your Marble mixture.

  • For organic stain: Use a mixture of few drops of ammonia and a 12% hydrogen peroxide solution.
  • For oil-based stains:  If the stain sets already, try using acetone or liquid detergent

Use stone care products

Marbles are made from a natural stone and need special care. There are specific products made solely to care for items made from stone. MB Stone Care provides different cleaning mixtures for your marble, depending on your need. You can use these products for maintaining, restoring, and cleaning your marble without damaging it.

Seal your marble regularly

Sealing your marble floor and countertops is the best way to preserve them. Marble cleaners and sealers are available in most cleaning supply stores. You can seal your marble on your own. But if you are not comfortable or unsure about doing it, you can ask the professionals to do the job.

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