Common Mistakes During An AC Installation And Repair In Salt Lake City Utah!

If you’re currently looking to install a new AC system at your home in northern Utah, then you’re going to need to speak directly with ac installation and repair salt lake city utah experts to make sure you’re getting exactly what your property requires.

This can sometimes be a lot easier said than done, and unfortunately, a lot of common mishaps occur during AC installations. Below are some of the most common mistakes that occur during installation and repair jobs that homeowners in Salt Lake City should know about!

Choosing The Wrong Sized AC Unit

By far one of the most common mistakes during an AC installation is choosing a unit that’s the wrong size. This type of mishap can create significant issues related to your property’s energy efficiency, and it can end up causing short cycling.

Make sure that your new AC unit is large enough to accommodate your household’s cooling needs, and that it’s also not too big. One tool to keep in mind is a BTU calculator, which can help you figure out which unit size is best for your property.

Incorrect Thermostat Positioning

A lot of people don’t understand this, but your AC’s thermostat has to be positioned very strategically. If your thermostat isn’t in the right place, you’ll run the risk of system inconsistencies and AC failures.

Your thermostat is supposed to be out of direct sunlight, and it’s also supposed to be away from doors and windows. Sunlight and wind drafts can trick your thermostat into triggering inaccurate temperature readings, which can create all sorts of issues with your AC system.

Incorrect AC Unit Positioning

Your AC unit has to be positioned correctly as well, because poor unit positioning can lead to functionality and energy efficiency issues.

Your unit should be placed in a relatively shady area that doesn’t get exposed to direct sunlight. You’ll also want to make sure that there’s plenty of clearance around your unit, which includes trees, hedges, and yard ornaments.

Refrigerant Line Not Insulated

AC systems rely upon refrigerant in order to properly function, and your system’s refrigerant will run through the condenser and into the unit’s interior via a refrigerant line. This line will be exposed to your neighborhood’s elements, which is why it absolutely must be insulated.

A lot of DIYers forget about this crucial factor, and not insulating a refrigerant line can cause an AC system to fail. The good news is that insulating your unit’s refrigerant line is really easy!

Vents Improperly Positioned

Central AC systems typically require an elaborate ductwork system, and ductwork systems require vents. What a lot of homeowners don’t understand is that vent placement is absolutely critical for overall ductwork functionality.

A common example of an improperly positioned vent is along the ground of a living room, particularly in a place where furniture could go. If you place a vent on your floor, it’ll inevitably impact how furniture can be arranged within that given space.

That’s why AC installations have to be very carefully drawn up and planned out!

Not Checking For Refrigerant Leaks

As mentioned above, your unit’s refrigerant is like the blood of your AC unit, so when you experience a refrigerant leak, your AC unit will quickly fail.

The hard truth is that AC installations and repairs are often pretty messy work, and there are scenarios in which a small puncture or leak will go by undetected. That’s why leak inspections are absolutely critical right after any installation or repair project!

Although there will always be plenty of DIYers who’ll conduct their own HVAC work, you’ll generally be much better off when you put these home improvement projects in the hands of HVAC experts!

Going Into An AC Installation Or Repair With Zero Experience

AC installations and repairs are never easy, which is why it’s ill-advised to conduct DIY projects oriented around your property’s HVAC system. There’s no doubt about it that your AC unit is one of your most valuable appliances, and even the slightest of errors can lead to significant issues later on.

If you don’t have any experience installing or repairing AC units, then you should reach out to a professional instead of conducting a DIY project!

Reach Out To Beehive Heating & Air When You Need An AC Installation Or Repair In Salt Lake City Utah!

There are plenty of mistakes that occur during AC installations and repairs, and it’s crucial for every home and business owner to be aware of these mistakes. The above list is just the beginning in terms of everything that may go wrong during these types of projects, and you’ll generally be better off placing this type of home improvement work in professional hands.

You can learn more about AC installation and repair needs in Salt Lake City Utah by going through the link at the top of this page and speaking directly with the Beehive Heating & Air team today!

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