Concrete Isn’t Just for Infrastructure and Commercial Buildings

Concrete is a construction material we all encounter every day. It is all around us – from roads and bridges to high-rise office buildings. In fact, concrete is used so often in infrastructure and commercial construction that we forget just how many actual applications it has.

Residential builders find concrete an attractive material as well. So do artists. When you combine the two, you can use concrete to build some pretty incredible things. It is really just a matter of tapping into that creative side we all have.

Modern Craftsman is a Salt Lake City enterprise that specializes in building functional artwork. For example, they might design and build a custom bathroom vanity utilizing concrete, metals, and other items. The finished pieces are fully functional. At the same time, the designs are also works of art. One of the materials they routinely work with is concrete.

Concrete Countertops

Salt Lake City homeowners are just starting to warm up to the concept of concrete countertops. Still, these are not really new. Builders in the Southwest have been pouring concrete countertops for decades. They are especially attractive in the Arizona desert as well as rural areas of New Mexico, Nevada, and Southern California.

As material for countertops, concrete holds up very well to the Southwest’s unique environmental conditions. It is pest resistant and not bothered by extremely high temperatures. You can do things with concrete in the Southwest that you cannot do with wood.

With that said, skilled craftsmen can move beyond function to make a concrete countertop stunningly beautiful. Any number of color and texture combinations are possible. Homeowners can opt for smooth surfaces, something stamped, or even etched finishes. There is so much you can do with concrete.

Concrete Vanities and Tubs

In the bathroom, concrete is a popular material for both vanities and tubs. In terms of the former, the sink is a wonderful candidate for concrete. The material allows for incredibly intricate designs that are just not possible with other materials. You could have your vanity and sink sculpted to look like an oversized seashell if you wanted to.

Across the room, a concrete tub is truly something to behold. There is just something elegantly commanding about a solid concrete tub large enough to fully submerge and soak in. Placed against a large picture window, there is no better place to take a relaxing bath.

Like concrete countertops, vanities and tubs can boast smooth or textured finishes. Concrete can be dyed nearly any color and finished with a high-gloss sealer that truly pops. At the hands of a skilled artisan, concrete can turn any static bathroom into a museum piece.

Function and Beauty

Commercial builders and infrastructure designers love concrete due to its functionality. There is no denying that concrete is a staple for high-rises and bridges. It is the building material of choice in America’s urban centers. Still, one doesn’t have to sacrifice beauty to gain the function concrete affords.

Making concrete structures beautiful requires an understanding of the medium. You really have to know how concrete works, aesthetically speaking, to create a beautiful form that does not sacrifice function. Not everyone can do it. It takes a skilled craftsman with artistic talents to pull it off.

One look at artistically designed concrete pieces makes it clear that the material is not exclusive to infrastructure and commercial building projects. Concrete is equally appropriate in residential construction and design. Its applications include everything from flooring to tubs and showers. Once you see how beautiful it can be, it is hard to not consider building with it.

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