Creating Your Custom Mat

So, you are opening a business or trying to renovate your old workspace and offices. Maybe just wanting to add a personal touch to the garage at home. You will want to be sure you get paint, window coverings, decor, and of course, flooring. 

One important piece of floor decor that may not immediately come to mind is mats. There are many different types of mats and materials for different purposes. Let’s dive a little into the world of creating your own, perfect custom mats.

What Are Floor Mats For?

Floor mats in a work setting are designed for many types of useful applications. From thick, soft rubber mats intended to help with leg and back fatigue while working on hard surfaces, to heavier duty mats for exterior, high traffic, or entranceway use. In the case of custom mats, they are generally also used as a form of advertisement space for the company or brand having them made.

The type of floor mat you need depends on exactly the purpose you need it for. The wide variety of styles and materials they are made from makes the possibilities almost endless.

How Do I Decide Which Style Or Materials To Use?

This is a widely variable question. Whenever you are choosing the material, you should consider mostly the location you intend on placing the mat.

  1. Outdoors: Outdoor mats, as in those used in entryways or on sidewalks, should be made from mostly synthetic fibers as these have a tendency to hold up longer against the elements in nature.
  2. Work Stations: Workstation mats are generally made from thick, soft rubber. These aid in helping those working on them keep from having as much risk of leg, knee, and back issues from standing on hard surfaces for long periods.
  3. Open floor space mats: These are generally more branded style mats, given that customers will see them while browsing through open areas. It is generally a good idea to also have these made of heavier, more durable synthetics, to protect them from repeated daily use.

You’ve decided on the material, Now what?

Your next step in creating your own custom mats would be to figure out the floor space you want it to cover. Is it a small workspace behind a desk? Or, is it a larger waiting room area that could use a little branding? 

Break out the old tape measure, and do a little math; because in this case, size definitely matters.

Material picked, size determined, what else is there?

The final step in the process is to decide what color, scene, or logo you want on the mat. 

If it’s a mat for the sitting area at your auto shop, what better way to help customers remember than a giant logo under their feet while they wait? For your home office or garage, maybe a picture with meaning to you or a funny quote or picture to give you a laugh when you skin yet another knuckle on the old ride.

Thanks to new and expanding technology, there is near limitless potential to what you can have done with your own custom mat.

Those are the basics

Custom mats can be ordered through the internet or even through some local flooring supply stores. But one thing is certain; a custom floor mat is sure to be a welcome addition to any workspace or entryway. 

One mat can change the look of a whole room and add style and functionality to anywhere they are placed.

Between the power of the internet and ever-expanding technology in flooring, it has never been easier, more convenient, or more cost-effective to have custom mats made for any home or office space. It’s almost assuredly one purchase you won’t regret.

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