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Drainage complexities can be hysterical. Drains are one of the major parts of the house. Be it detecting drainage issues or just conducting a pre-shifting drain survey, CCTV drain survey is the most viable and prominent technique being used these days. It involves the use of paraphernalia and professional pieces of equipment to study the drainage system and contemplate the problem. Such surveys require professional engineers to carry out the process.

Pieces Of Equipment

The CCTV drain survey consists of a television system with a camera that goes deep inside the drainage and a screen that displays live pictures of the interior of the drain. The camera is connected to the survey vehicles, which can be as far as 500 meters away from the actual drainage site being studied.

Apart from this, the system also consists of access rods to provide flexibility to navigate the camera inside the tunnel or the drainage. Sometimes, crawlers can also fit the purpose. The cameras are mounted atop the crawlers, and they are installed with electric motors up to 80v to crawl and navigate the site of action. This type is viable for pipes with a diameter of 150 to 2000 mm.

In cases where drains need to study without having to drain the liquid from them, sonar units are best. The scanner has pressure-balanced transducer and roll sensors and a pitch to speculate the orientation of the drainage liquid. This scanner is fixed to a laptop with pre-installed software for this purpose.

How Is It Done?

  1. First, you call the drainage cleaners and explain to them the issue. Related to your drainage system.
  2. After they arrive, they will arrange their paraphernalia to conduct the required research into your drainage system.
  3. They will set up their digital camera and insert it into the drain using the most suitable method.
  4. Once the camera is fed in the drains, it will relay pictures on the screen.

The Survey Will Reveal One Of The Following Issues:

  • Collapsed Drains
  • Blockage
  • Broken Pipes
  • Animal Intrusion
  • Any Displacement

You might also face any other issue rather than the above ones.

Conducting drain surveys is essential as it allows the tenants to make an informed choice about the home or property. Thus selecting the best drain survey services is a major task. Consult with the people who have already taken the services or get detailed information from the information center of the company to make an informed decision.

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