How to Care for Your Drapes

Compared to blinds, a set of drapes will typically cost you significantly more. This all depends on what material they are composed of, naturally, but, in general, drapes are the more expensive of the two main window covering options. And drapes are not just for controlling the light entering a room, they also provide useful insulation in both summer and winter. But beyond even that, drapes can be a serious luxury purchase, often bosting beautiful designs and materials that can be highly effective in tying a room together. An expensive set of drapes are often an item of pride in a room, a thing of beauty even.

And yet for all that, they certainly do have one very serious downside when compared to their main competitors, the blinds. Drapes get dirty easily. What else would you expect from two large sheets of fabric hanging inside a room? If you’ve ever caught that beautiful phenomenon of particles of airborne dust floating in a beam of sunlight, then you’ll have a pretty good idea of just what drapes are subject to. And it isn’t just that, drapes also suffer from the hazards of spillage and any dirt blown in from outside. Perhaps it is best to think of your drapes as a vertical carpet; they are subject to the same the same hazards – and they last about as long.

In light of this, it’s wise to have a care routine for your drapes; a means of extending their lifetime for as long as possible. Caring for drapes should become as much a part of your household routine as anything else, from keeping your carpet clean to deodorizing your shoes. And to do so, you are going to need the right tools; a good steam cleaner for your drapes is just as important as a top shoe deodorizer spray, such as ShoeFresh, to keep your shoe closet from getting smelly.

How to Make Your Drapes Last

Drapes do not last forever and, sadly, sometimes they don’t even last for a particularly long time. But there is certainly something you can do about that. Read on then for a handful of simple tips for keeping your drapes in good condition for as long as possible.

Deal with the Dust

Depending on what your drapes are composed of the problem of dust and dirt can range from irritating to disastrous. In either case, it’s wise to prevent it building up. The best way to do so is to vacuum your drapes every month. For drape care, a handheld vacuum cleaner is one of your best friends; just be sure it can extend far enough to reach to the very top.

Protect from Direct Sunlight

This one might come as something of a surprise to some. Drapes are designed to be exposed to sunlight, no? Their primary purpose is to cover windows! Well, the sad truth is that darker colored drapes will fade with extended exposure to sunlight. The best way to deal with this problem therefore is to either go with a lighter color that will reflect that sunlight or invest in an extra protective layer to protect them.

Iron Carefully

By hanging vertically, drapes are protected, somewhat, from creasing. Nevertheless, the process of opening them and closing them on a near daily basis will necessitate ironing once in a while. To do this safely, be sure to iron only on the reverse side and go easy on the heat.

There isn’t much more to drape care than these three most essential tips. Follow them carefully and you could extend the life of your drapes by years.

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