How to Choose the Right Glass for your storefront

The glass in your store plays a vital role in keeping your staff members, products, and equipment safe. With so many choices, how do you know which glass is best suited to the security of your business? We’ve compiled a list of things to look for in storefront glass to help you make the right choice.

The look you are trying to achieve outside and inside the store

The more glass you have, the more natural light is going to flood in and the easier it is going to be for people walking past to see items in your shop, this is a great way to showcase what your store has to offer. Light, airy spaces that are drenched in sunlight are in trend right now. If you have an eatery, café, or restaurant, glass that allows viewing from the inside and out enables your customers to take in their surroundings, whether that is looking at the view or people watching. It can also draw people to your business, if your store is busy, this is a good indicator that the food is good, and more people will be inclined to book a table. Most of the time, clear panels of glass are the best choice for retail stores and restaurants, you can customise its appearance with framing, signwriting etc. Here are some important things to consider when purchasing commercial grade clear glass:


Protecting your livelihood from potential thieves is paramount and unfortunately, breaking glass is an easy way for someone to obtain access to the contents inside your shop. Not only that, choosing poor-quality glass can be dangerous, if a customer accidentally leans on it too hard or if you experience wild weather conditions, it will break which can cause serious injury. Your glass must meet Australian Standards for commercial use and be able to withstand a certain amount of pressure and prolonged exposure to the elements. Security glass is a good choice as it contains an inner laminate or external film that protects the glass from breaking into large shards, it will crack but in a spiderweb configuration while staying intact. It will hold in place and prevent intruders from getting inside. Another safe alternative for commercial use is tempered/toughened glass as it is extremely strong.

Energy-efficient glass

Most store owners choose large, generous window panes for their shops for aesthetics reasons although they do come with downfalls when it comes to energy efficiency. As a significant amount of light is being let into the store, it warms it considerably which means the air conditioning has to work far harder and for longer to cool the space down. The same applies when the colder months approach, if your glass is not up to standard, the heat will escape via the glass, both will result in higher energy bills. Installing energy-efficient glass is a long-term investment that can save you thousands of dollars. Good energy-saving choices are Low-E glass and double-paned windows.

UV damage

You have to be careful that your glass isn’t letting UV rays into your store and fading your products, furniture, flooring etc. If your merchandise has been damaged by the sun, it is going to lower its worth and you will lose money. There are a few ways you can prevent this, you can install outdoor window shades or blinds, however this will prevent people from seeing into your store, or you can apply window films on your glass. They are translucent so they won’t detract from the appearance of the glass and they block 99% of UV rays. If you do choose a film, ensure you get a professional to apply it for you, it can be tricky and an inexperienced person may leave behind air bubbles, which doesn’t look great. Another option is replacing your old windows with double-paned glass, they prevent the UV rays from getting inside while still allowing ample sunlight in.

Maintaining privacy

Some types of stores flourish with wide-open windows that allow for a clear view inside, but some businesses need to protect the privacy of their customers. You can do this by using frosted glass. They still let in ample light and warmth which can maintain a pleasant environment inside your store. A more economical option is using frosted films which apply directly over your existing windows, you can partially cover the windows, add your logo or writing into the film or you can even have patterned films.

Customise the appearance of your glass

You’re only limited to your imagination when it comes to the glass in your storefront. While it is important, it doesn’t have to be boring. You can have floor to ceiling glass, coloured glass or curved glass to name a few. The main objective of having clear glass in a storefront is to capture the attention of people walking or driving by to increase foot traffic and in turn, revenue.

True Blue Glass are expert commercial glass fitters, and we ensure that all glass installed by us is done so to the highest standard. We can meet workplace health and safety risk management plans to ensure that your legal obligations are fulfilled. Our company is one of few glass businesses in Queensland that can provide curved glass and we are confident we can find the perfect glass solution for your storefront. Contact our friendly team today for more information.

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