How to Keep Your Home Cool without Air Conditioning

With the rising costs of energy as well as other essential goods and resources, you may be looking for any way to cut down on the outgoing costs of running your home. One of the biggest factors that drives up costs during the hot summer months is the use of air conditioning. From the installation of evaporative cooling in Melbourne to using blackout curtains and incorporating more greenery into your space, this article will go over some ways you can keep your home cool during the warmer months without air conditioning.

Keep Windows & Doors Closed

While it may seem counterintuitive, keeping your windows and doors closed at can help prevent your home from heating up, as the right window and door materials will hold the cool air in your home. By selectively opening and closing your windows and doors at the coolest and warmest points of the day, you can effectively control the temperature of your home without needing to switch on the air conditioner.

Use Blockout Curtains

High-quality blockout curtains are not only extremely effective at helping you to cool your home, but they can also provide several surprising benefits. The thickness of blockout curtains that helps them lock in cooler temperatures whilst keeping the heat out also helps to reduce external light and noise. This can be especially useful if you live in an apartment building where street noise from surrounding cafes and restaurants is common. Of course, the main benefit of blockout curtains is that the insulation they provide will help to maintain cooler temperatures during the summer months as well as help maintain warmer temperatures during the winter.

Buy an Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative cooling in Melbourne is a great alternative cooling method to conventional air conditioning. In some cases, evaporative cooling provides superior results to older air conditioning units whilst saving homeowners money in the long term due to the superior energy efficiency of evaporative cooling technology. The added benefit of evaporative cooling is that this method improves indoor air quality, making evaporative cooling in Melbourne a smart choice for those who suffer from mild respiratory illnesses such as asthma or seasonal allergies.

Evaporative cooling is an ideal solution for anybody looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cooling systems that will also save them money in the long run. Due to the relatively simple design of the appliance and its ability to take advantage of the city’s climate, it’s easy to see why more and more homeowners are opting for evaporative cooling in Melbourne.

Use Greenery to Your Advantage

Using greenery to your advantage by planting shade trees will not only add value to the property itself, but will also help mitigate the heat in your home during the warm summer months. Strategically placed shade trees, shrubs and bushes can help lessen the impact of direct sunlight in certain rooms of the home. Choosing trees that lose their leaves during the winter and autumn months also means that you can still get direct sunlight when you need it during these cooler months.

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