How to Make your Photos into Paintings

Art was already being practiced since the beginning of the early civilizations in the world. Cave carvings, sculptures, and stone documents are represented through art. This creativity has been in the blood and bones of every human being alive. Human creativity is unique in every culture and it greatly helped in the evolution of the world that we live in. Creativity revolves even in the different inventions across the globe. Infrastructures and buildings are formed and designed with state-of-the-art façade, galleries are everywhere, and even graffiti are found on the street.  

Painting has been present since the prehistoric era. Stones, caves, animal blood, and plants were used to express the ideas and philosophies of our forefathers way back then. There are all kinds of early paintings: Asian, European, Egyptian, Roman, and Greek, among others. They have their own styles and edges, but what’s similar among them is that they are still present up to this day. Some are being auctioned, some are hung on the walls of powerful political personalities, and even celebrities. Thank God for experts who dig up the earth to find and preserve these pieces of art.

One major advantage of paintings is that they are timeless and more predisposed to preservation than photographs. They can transcend through time and can be passed from generation to generation, some as part of family traditions, and some just because they have the resources to gift these priceless things. They can be more costly than photographs, but what’s a little more dime for a more in-depth, unique, and memorable portrait? The point of choosing paintings are its timelessness, so expect that the painting will live its purpose to transcend time as long as you use them.

At PaintYourLife, they offer an artistic Photo to Painting Service that will not cost you a fortune. It’s as easy as sending your preferred photo. The service will do its magic and you’ll receive the finished output in no time and on a budget. Their graphic designers enhance any digital photo to painting that you’d like. Any request is possible, from color enhancement, cutting out unnecessary backgrounds, and much more. The artists will only begin to turn the photo into paintings after your approval to the digital photo edit.

The result is 100% hand painted. They offer different styles to choose from: oil, charcoal, watercolor, black pencil, color pencil, and acrylic. They also cover individuals, couples, groups, pets, weddings, and houses. They have over 300 artists across the globe.

In today’s generation, everyone has access to cameras. Even your three (3) year old niece might have her own smartphone with an extensive camera. Because of this, PaintYourLife is taking advantage of turning every photo into paintings, and this service becomes more popular by the day. Because of the growing trend of photography, there is more chance and photos to turn to paintings.

There are endless debates on the internet as to which is better, painting or photograph. Both have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. One might be worth more than the other, and one is independent of the other. With the ongoing battle, we can never really tell. But what’s important is that even when there’s already photography, a cheaper and faster alternative, people never really stopped painting.

Painting is never dead. Painting will always be part of our lives. The ongoing trend of turning photo to painting is about which people prefer. People have been turning their photographs into paintings ever since the service has been made available. People celebrate the moments that matter most through paintings that they have chosen to hang on their walls.

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