How to take care of your furnace during winter

Winter is the time of the year that the furnace works hard to keep the home warm. And because of the freezing cold, keeping the furnace working optimally is crucial to avoid getting wrapped in cold’s arms to prevent your furnace from developing faults.

If you want to learn how to take care of your furnace during winter, read the write-up further.

  1. Reduce the Thermostat

Reducing your thermostat a little will help save on heating costs and reduce the furnace’s tasks of heating the home. You can save up to 3 percent on heating costs by lowering your thermostat. Also, you will save the furnace from excessive workload, frequent furnace repair or servicing, and lots more.

  1. Open Heating Vents

Ensure to open all the heating vents of your furnace even in rooms not occupied. Closing the vents will deny the furnace of air movement contrary to its design. This is to allow the furnace to run efficiently and avoid overwork.

  1. Regular Servicing

Winter is the peak period that you need your furnace more than other seasons of the year. Do not wait for your furnace to develop faults or run with difficulties before you get it serviced. Contact an experienced technician to examine your furnace and inspect its crucial parts such as filter ductwork, blowers, and much more. Furnace repair will be carried out; and damaged parts will be replaced.

  1. Replace Furnace’s Filter

A clean filter is crucial to the optimal functioning of your furnace and cleaner air. Therefore, check your furnace’s filter; it may have trapped dust, stone particles, leaves, debris, etc. You can replace the filter yourself by following the owner’s manual or contact a technician to replace the filter.

  1. Clean Air Ducts

Removing the dust build-up in your furnace’s air duct will enhance its performance and improve your comfort and health. You should specifically request your air ducts to be cleaned; it is not usually included in the furnace repairs or maintenance. A blocked air duct will put unnecessary pressure on your furnace and cause it to malfunction.


Take proper care of your furnace to avoid sleeping in the cold. Hire a professional technician for your furnace repair for the best result. And keep in mind that early furnace repair will make the furnace run optimally and will increase the durability of your furnace. Follow the tips above for the best experience possible during the winter.

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