Modern Pieces Of Furniture That Serve More Than One Purpose

You may still be thinking that carpentry has remained as to how it was in the olden days in the making and designing, but you are highly mistaken. Civilization keeps evolving, and it develops evident with the kind of things made in this modern-day and age. Today, we have multi-functional carpentry pieces and below are just some of the few that make a statement if they are part of your collection. Some can be acquired from Ferm Living, while others are custom-made according to the owner’s preferences.

The desk that is also a bicycle

Modern living is all about making statements, and this piece is nothing but a masterpiece that maximizes your productivity by letting you work while you exercise. For someone who lacks time to hit the gym because of tight deadlines, this is exactly what you need in your house.

A working desk that stretches out as a storage space for your books

The traditional study table has been revolutionized into something better that stretches out into a bookshelf, which can also be used as a place to store your stationery and even some of your electronics. Since there is extra space at the bottom, you may also get extra cabinets to allow you to store more items.

A bed and a study table

On this masterpiece, the bed is structured like a typical double-decker, although the bottom bunk is now a study table. This ingenious creation is what an ordinary university student would find very useful, and this same bed and study table can look great in your child’s bedroom.

A room divider that is also a bookshelf

If you are into the classics, then you are quite familiar with the standard room divider. Now, that same creation has been modified into also serving as a bookshelf. However, the modifications have made this room divider a little more permanent since you cannot possibly imagine moving it and everything falling. Also, what you place on the shelf should be small and lightweight, something the divider can handle.

A foldable ottoman that is a table and a bed

Ottomans have been in the market for centuries now, but what we have is nothing but a dream. A newly designed ottoman can be used as a coffee table, a seating space, or a bed.  This magical item saves you space and a lot of money in getting all the three things separately.

Take away

What we have just talked about has bearly scratched the surface. And this just goes to show you that even furniture can evolve, and it has. Who would have thought that one day you would be able to fit a bed and a study table in one piece? Well, only a few. And even that small number had just envisioned it. But oh well, now we have it, and it is a pretty cool and convenient piece. All items are masterpieces for sure.

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