The Difference Between A Custom Cabinet Maker and A Carpenter

If you are into the interior designing business or related to it in any way, you have probably wondered -what’s the difference between a custom cabinet maker and a carpenter. They have a similar work profile, after all, so what it is that differentiates the two.

Well, we decided to discuss this topic today and give you a clearer understanding of the thin but significant line between the two. So, let’s start with taking a look at what both these professionals expertise at:

The carpenter is a skilled worker who works at building a structure from scratch based on a design that is provided to him. He does not create any designs and specializes in the woodwork. He uses his skills and tools to cut and shape the wood as per the desired form using wood as the key material.

The custom cabinet maker, on the other hand, is a skilled professional who specializes in the design and the art of cabinet making. They take into account the requirement of the client, the same available, modern technique and trends to offer unique designs. They are more focused on the details and accurateness.

So, while a carpenter can perfectly do standard size simple cabinets, they cannot take orders for customized designs. If you want specific designs for custom cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, or any room, you will need to go to a professional cabinet maker who knows what he needs to do.

Reasons To Use A Cabinet Maker

People often say, why hire a cabinet maker when a carpenter can do the same thing. Well, we have already given you a brief preliminary difference between a carpenter and a cabinet maker. Here are a few reasons that explain why a cabinet maker is better:

Increased level of specialization

While both cabinet making and carpentry are highly-skilled jobs involving a deeper understanding of angles, tools, and wood beyond and above what an ordinary person can accomplish using a hammer and nails, the cabinet makers take their skills to a higher level in terms of preciseness and details.

Unlike carpentry, cabinet making is more of an art form that requires a level of mastery for someone to get identified as an expert cabinet maker. The latter attains that degree of precision after involving in years of training to hone the skills and stays dedicated to a specific trade. They are mainly specialized workers with a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge required to craft cabinets.

Access to Right Tools

When you are into cabinet making, it requires more than just hammer and nails. These projects require a set of specific tools that include jigsaws, drill bits, staples, and several other specialized and appropriate tools that a carpenter might not have access to.

If you choose a carpenter instead of a cabinet maker, it is unlikely that your cabinets will be of high quality and finish that you get from a customized piece of furniture. Hence, you need to always look for a specialist when you need custom work done.

Higher Quality Product

It goes without saying that the cabinet maker will produce a much higher quality of the product. As the professional is proficient in the art of joinery, the joints and edges of your cabinets will fit seamlessly without the obvious use of screws and nails. The product will be perfectly stained and come with beautiful handles to be aesthetically pleasing and blend with your décor.

Cost vs Quality

When you need high-quality custom furniture, you will need to turn to the cabinet makers and probably pay a slightly higher price for that kind of accuracy. However, bear in mind that the product will be one-of-a-kind. The carpenter, on the other hand, can create a cheap cabinet, but the quality will not be the same.

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