Valuable Tips for Caring and Maintaining Natural Stone Surfaces

Natural stone has been used for surfaces since time immemorial. Not only will you see it in homes but also in offices and other commercial and industrial buildings. One of the benefits of stone surfaces is that they are an investment, and depending on how well you take care of your natural stone, it will give you the best service for years to come. Here are some simple care and maintenance tips to make you get the most out of your investment.

Know your stone

One of the mistakes people make when they clean their stone surfaces is using the wrong products. Not all stone surfaces are the same, and depending on the stone, the cleaning and maintenance may be different. Knowing your stone helps you understand better which products to use.

Stain removal

Simple things such as food and liquid stains can make your stone surfaces look unattractive. If left to stick on the surface, stains can reduce the stone’s quality and for you to do even more later on to restore it. One of the first things you should do when you spill something on the surface is to get rid of it quickly. For spills, the best way to do it is to use the blot method. Wiping the surface might spread the spilled food or liquid. You can then use plain water and very mild soap before rinsing it clean several times before drying it with a piece of clean cloth.

For stubborn stains, you might have to do more than blotting, cleaning, and rinsing with water. Most people go in with an abrasive cleaner, hoping to get rid of stains first. While this might seem to work, you might actually damage your stone in the process. The best way to go about it would be to use stone cleaning products like those in the MB Pro-Care Essentials Kit. The MB-2 Alkaline H/D Cleaner is one of the best and most powerful stone cleaners around. This cleaner is also good for heavy-duty cleaning. It is also alkaline and can be used to clean stone floors as well.

Make your surfaces shine

If you have stone surfaces and floors, you might notice that the stone starts looking dull over time. This does not have to happen. With natural stone finishes like the MB 13 Stone Shine, you can easily restore the look of your natural stone surfaces by applying it as a finish.

Avoid harsh cleaning products

Whether you need to take care of a tiny stain or do heavy-duty cleaning, you might be tempted to reach out for harsh detergents to make the work easier. Some homeowners use vinegar or dishwashing soap to clean their natural stone surfaces. This is not ideal because the harsh products, which are mostly acidic, might ruin the chemistry of your stone.

Know when to contact the professionals

While regular cleaning of stone surfaces is doable, some heavy-duty cleaning tasks need the help of an expert. Whenever in doubt, it is advisable to contact a professional natural stone cleaner. Regular maintenance is also recommended.

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