What are the different types of front doors?

Designing your home is an intricate process with several pieces that are supposed to fit together to create a perfect finishing. Front doors are especially important features to consider because they serve the purpose of protection for your home, while contributing to the internal and external aesthetics. Choosing the right front doors can be a task, but with the right guide you can breeze through the selections and find the perfect one. To make it easier, we have prepared a list of different types of front doors to help you get familiar. Let’s get started!

  1. Solid Wood Door

The traditional style of front doors is the solid wood door, and for good reasons too. The outlook of a wooden door is unmatched because it can be carved into something unique and perfect for the ambience. The wood of the door helps with insulation and energy-efficiency. It also offers excellent qualities in terms of sturdiness and security so you can always feel safe and protected. For all its great features, solid wood door is actually on the pricier edge of the selection. Its maintenance is relatively high and after years of use, it may begin to decay.

  1. Glass Door

In direct contrast to solid wood, glass is the modern rave when it comes to front doors. With a glass front door, you are going to brighten up your room and enjoy the natural light. Glass doors come in different styles and colors, with custom options at the right price. Although, if you choose to get glass doors it is almost essential to get curtains or blinds, unless you are willing to splurge on non-reflecting glasses for the door.

  1. Double Doors

When it comes to the perfect balance of style, double doors are the way to go for your option of front doors. While bearing hold to that air of elegance, they can be modified to fit in some modern styles by using any material such as wood, steel, fiberglass, or glass for the door itself. The double doors give a grand aesthetic appeal to the house and, when they are open, they make the living area seem larger.

  1. Steel Door

If your priority for a front door includes strength and security, then it doesn’t get any better than steel. With varying thickness, steel front doors come in different amazing styles that serve multiple purposes for your home. Steel doors are energy-efficient and very durable, so the cost of installation turns out to be a form of investment. Steel front doors are the perfect option for someone on a budget who wants quality and value for money.

  1. Fiberglass Door

Fiberglass has recently become a popular contender when it comes to materials for front doors. Due to the versatility of fiberglass, it is a great option for front doors. Having a fiberglass front door would be aesthetic and functional so be sure to consider that while shopping for a front door.

The only thing that really matters when it comes to getting a door is your personal taste. If you want to get replacement doors for your home, be sure to contact a professional windows and doors company.

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