Which is better, casement or double-hung windows?

Window replacement is a long-term investment. This is why you should do your research before choosing a window style. Depending on your home’s design, you can opt for either casement or double-hung windows. If you’re not sure which the best solution is for you, it might be a good idea to discuss it with a windows contractor about it. And, of course, you should keep reading to discover the advantages and disadvantages of casement and double-hung windows.

Why choose double-hung replacement windows?

Double-hung windows move up and down in a frame. Usually, the upper sash is stationary. This window type has a horizontal bar at the center. Overall, double-hung windows are multi-purpose and have a classic flair. These are excellent for older home models.

Some of the benefits of double-hung windows include:

  • Excellent price
  • User-friendly opening system
  • Low failure rate
  • Impressive design possibilities
  • Low maintenance required
  • Longer lifespan than other window types

Some of the disadvantages of double-hung windows include:

  • Difficulty in cleaning the sashes on the exterior
  • Works better with older homes

Why choose casement replacement windows?

Casement windows are designed with a handle that folds down. This makes them extremely easy to operate, being a good choice for seniors, too. The window opens at a ninety-degree angle and offers excellent light. Usually, people install casement windows in modern homes. But it isn’t unusual t see those windows in ranch-style homes.

Some of the benefits of casement windows include:

  • Limited airflow inside
  • A unique appearance that can suit any home style
  • Excellent insulation possibilities
  • Excellent for temperature control
  • Simplicity to use, especially for seniors

Some of the disadvantages of casement windows include:

  • Frequent mechanical failure
  • More expensive than double-hung windows
  • Windows loosen due to wear and tear, which allows outdoor air inside

The bottom line: which is better, casement or double-hung windows?

When choosing replacement windows, you should take into account several factors. Maintenance, aesthetics, and durability are essential. But we recommend you pay close attention to your new windows sealing and energy-efficiency factor.

Both casement and double-hung windows have their advantages and disadvantages. But it is worth mentioning that all new windows are designed with premium materials. This will significantly improve interior comfort when compared with the comfort offered by your old windows.

No matter what window type you consider, it is best to discuss with a window replacement expert. A professional will assess your home and determine which window replacement suits you best. Keep in mind that new windows must offer plenty of natural light and increased interior comfort. And to achieve this, you should always allow a professional window contractor to install them. DIY projects might interfere with the sealing process, which will ultimately prevent your windows from insulating your home.

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