Why You Need Retractable Screens For Your Home

Worried about keeping your doors and windows open because insects will get into your house? Worry no more. You can resolve this problem by installing Phantom Screens in your home.

The beauty of using these screen is that they’ll not only fix your issues, but they’ll also beautify your home. There are many options for retractable screens that you can select. You only need to understand your home’s design and style.

Read on to know why you need these screens in your house.

They Blend Seamlessly

No home or commercial property owner would like to cover their beautiful entry with an unsightly screen. That’s why you need to use retractable screens instead of traditional fixed screens. Though these screens prevent insects from getting into your home or business premise, they can easily blend with your home’s or business decor.

Retractable screens will enhance the view of your exterior and interior regardless of your opening type. Better still, some retractable door screen has unique latching handles that will save you from going through the hassle of buying magnetic closures.

If you have wooden doors or windows, there are many options you can choose from. Retractable screens have several veneer species that’ll give your window or door a natural look. Fortunately, you can stain the veneers in case you don’t find the exact shade that matches your door or window frames.

You can fit them in a hanging, sliding, or tilting position to blend your home’s design. When not in use, they’ll completely retract out of sight. You can recess them into the walls or beams of the building, effectively hiding them.

They Come In Mesh Options

The beauty of summer is to spend time on your deck or patio. Unfortunately, the warm weather attracts bugs. But with retractable screens, you can open your living space without the fear that insects or intense heat will inconvenience you.

Mesh options are ideal for protecting your veranda or patio against bugs. They offer significant visibility to enable you to enjoy the view when the screen is down. Some will protect you from UV rays, but all of them will give your home excellent ventilation.

The solar retractable mesh options may also be great to consider if you have a window or patio that receive large amounts of sunlight. Retractable solar mesh options reduce 75% of sunlight glare and heat. That means your home will be cool, and you’ll never worry about your art and furniture fading due to sunlight exposure.

If your budget isn’t tight, you may even opt for the premium solar mesh that’ll block up to 80% of UV rays while enhancing visibility.

Furthermore, the mesh options will ensure your privacy. Though they can allow you to see what’s outside, they’ll inhibit neighbours from popping their eyes into your house. Privacy meshes come in a variety of colors that blend with most home designs.

Bottom Line

Retractable screens are slowly becoming the new normal in various homes and commercial properties. Unlike traditional screens, they have many benefits that you can take advantage of. They’ll not only blend with your home’s interior and exterior’s design and décor, but they also come in a variety of mesh options that’ll allow you to keep away insects and UV rays. The privacy mesh option will also prevent wandering eyes from seeing your interior.

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